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If you’ve struggled to find a decent WordPress popup plugin in the past, or had to make do with what you could find, then look no further than PlatinumPopup!

Time and time again we’ve been told that PlatinumPopup is THE BEST and MOST FLEXIBLE popup plugin for WordPress.

You’re NOT limited to opt-in forms or pre-defined templates, because PlatinumPopup will allow you to put all sorts of content within your own eye-catching popups. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Within minutes you’ll be able to add subscriber-sucking opt-in forms, slide in ads, tooltips, alert bars and more!

PlatinumPopup - The Best Popup Plugin for WordPress
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From the Desks of Aaron Leighton and Phil Meyer

Ah yes – we can almost hear you groaning, “not ANOTHER popup plugin!” But think about this for a moment: What happened the last time you were shown a popup on a website? Perhaps you dropped the site like a hot potato? Perhaps you closed the popup with impunity?

We’re almost willing to bet though, that the popup got your attention. That’s the thing about them – they might annoy the heck out of you, but they GRAB YOUR EYEBALLS!

And whether you believe it or not, you CAN make a huge impression on your website visitors with a strategically used, properly controlled popup that doesn’t tick them off by jumping up at every page load, looking downright ugly and unprofessional.

Now we don’t know whether you’ve noticed it or not, but really decent popup Plugins for WordPress seem to be in rather short supply…

Until now, that is.

Allow us to introduce you to…

PlatinumPopup Has a New Home!

We have teamed up with (but not sold out to) the guys from Tribulant Software in order to continue delivering the best quality and service that you, our customers, deserve.

With immediate effect Tribulant Software have taken over the development, sales and support of PlatinumPopup – and they’re as committed as we are to its constant development and improvement, ensuring that it lives up to our claim of being:

“the Best and Most Flexible Popup Plugin for WordPress.”

CLICK HERE to head on over to PlatinumPopup’s new home at Tribulant Software

Wishing you the very best of success in your online ventures, and we’re looking forward to hearing your testimonials about the remarkable effect PlatinumPopup has had on your marketing efforts.

Your friends,

Aaron Leighton and Phil Meyer